Lot of seven Hard Drives 5-72.8 GB and 2-36.4 GB

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This is a lot of seven used hard drives they are in working condition they are:

Compaq 3.5 Series 72.8 GB 10,000 RPM Model:BD07264546 Serial:348207152729

HP 3.5 Series 72.8 GB 15,000 RPM Model:BF072863BA Serial:C80FSDWK

HP:72.8 GB 10,000 RPM Model:BD07286224 Serial:43UYLR9126

HP:72.8 GB 10,000 RPM Model:BD07285A25 Serial:3H27TZ4Q

HP:72.8 GB 15,000 RPM Model:BF07289BC4 Serial:DSA1P73033P9

HP:36.4 GB 15,000 RPM Model:BF03685A35 Serial:47KNLSH13L

Hp:36.4 GB 15,000 Rpm Model:BF03685A35 Serial:460XLSH137

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